Limited warranty for Surfniko products

The Surfniko limited warranty applies to Surfniko products purchased from Surfniko or its authorized retailers or distributors for personal use and not for resale. In this limited warranty, the purchaser or user of Surfniko products is referred to as 'you'. By using Surfniko products, you agree to be bound by this limited warranty.


This policy applies to products released by Surfniko, and Surfniko guarantees that there are no defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. The warranty scope only applies to the product itself, but does not include packaging, manuals and other components. The warranty period of different components may be different. For details, please refer to the following warranty period.

Warranty Period

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the Surfniko product and ends at:

1. One year of Warranty for components containing circuit boards, including main component such as main control board, ESC, remote control and battery charger;

2. One year of Warranty for components of Surfniko product board, hydrofoil components; (Two years in Europe);

3. Product battery warranty period up to 1 year or 300 charge/discharge cycles whichever occurs first;

4. The wear-and-tear parts such as drawstring, handle, foot cover, main fin, auxiliary fin, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

What services will be provided during the warranty period?

If there are any defects during the warranty period, Surfniko has the right to disposition at its discretion

(1) In the warranty period, you can get free repair/maintenance service and you have the right to choose to use new accessories or accessories with the same performance and reliability as the new.

(2) Replace the affected product with a product with the same functionality. The product is new or made of previously used components, which are equivalent in performance and reliability to the new components. Or, with your consent, other products that are at least functionally equivalent to its substitute products;;

How to obtain warranty service?

You can contact Surfniko for after-sales service through the email address published in the user manual or on the Surfniko website. You need to provide a valid proof of purchase, receipt or order number for the warranty service.

Services provided by Surfniko 

Surfniko team member will first try to diagnose and solve your problem via phone, email or online chat. Surfniko team member may guide you to download and install specific software updates.

If your problem cannot be resolved by phone, email, online chat, or software update, you may need to deliver the product to Surfniko for further inspection. If the problem falls within the scope of this limited warranty, Surfniko will arrange repair or replacement services free of charge. The customer is responsible for the freight and the tariffs that may be involved. The repair deposition will be determined by Surfniko which may include but not limited to repair, replace component(s), or replacement.

Within 15 days after you receive the goods, you can choose to return the goods when it has not been disassembled and all packaging labels are intact. But you need to be responsible for the round-trip freight costs and all related duties and other costs incurred with the shipping.

Non-warranty coverage

The warranty will not apply in the following situations:

1) Damage caused by unauthorized modification or repair of the product, including but not limited to modification of product's internal circuits, components or batteries;
2) Damage caused by misuse, improper use or operation that violates the guidelines of the product manual;
3) Failure to properly maintain the product and its components according to the instructions in the product manual;
4) Damage caused by the use of unauthorized or uncertified third-party parts, materials or components;
5) Damage caused by operating the product when battery power level is low;
6) Damage caused by fire as a result of collision, physical impact or non-manufacturing factors, including but not limited to operator error, using in unsafe places, using in unsafe conditions, such as severe weather;
7) Damage caused by operating the product in an environment subject to interference from other wireless devices or electromagnetic interference;
8) The product itself has no abnormal conditions;
9) Your data is lost or damaged;
10) Any software program, whether it is provided with the product or subsequently installed;
11) Damage or defect caused by collision, abuse, misuse or accidental damage;
12) Damages or defects caused by transportation, loading, unloading, falling, water treatment or improper storage, including but not limited to: damage or defects caused by exposure to 40 degrees Celsius and below 0 degrees Celsius or direct sunlight;
13) Damage or defects caused by non-recreational use;
14) Damages or defects caused by continued use of the product after raising or reporting warranty issues;
15) Any damage except for manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship;
16) Damage caused by lightning, hail, rain, flood, wind, sand, flood or other environmental or natural conditions or natural disasters;
17) Damage caused by cleaning products not specifically approved in the product manual.

Limitation of liability

Disclaimer during the warranty service period:

When providing warranty services wherein Surfniko is responsible for transportation, Surfniko will be responsible for the loss or damage of the product during transportation. However, Surfniko will not be responsible for the loss or disclosure of any data contained in the product (including confidential information, proprietary information or personal information).

Exemption and limitation of liability:

The following exemptions and limitations of liability shall apply to any and all users of the product, and shall apply regardless of whether the product is purchased from Surfniko or its authorized retailer or distributor. The use of the product means that the user accepts and agrees to the following exemption and limitation of liability. Surfniko is not liable for any loss of profits, insurance costs or indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, regardless of the type of claim. In any case, caused by the use of Surfniko products or related to it in any way, including but not limited to third-party claims against you. Surfniko does not bear direct or joint liability for compensation. If the restrictions are contrary to the country or region of the place of purchase, Surfniko can follow national and regional regulations, but the total compensation amount will not exceed the product purchase price itself.