We are an outdoors-loving team dedicated to developing and designing products that improve the outdoor experience. Our core principles are: health, quality and practicality.

We found that almost all the electric surfboards on the market are facing a defect, that is, the board body leakage, every surfboard has no problem from factory, but the board in the sun exposure, the internal air expansion, will be in the weakest place to open the board body, causing a small amount of water seepage, over time, the board body inside more and more water, resulting in salt crystallization, Corrosion of electrical components and lines, resulting in failure.

                                                                 (3D drawing)

Fortunately, after three years of hard work, we have solved all the above problems. So we launched this crowdfunding project!

Stephen, the chief designer of Surfniko electric surfboard, is an avid surfer and a senior product designer with 15 years of experience. In 2015, he lead the team to develop and design the electric unicycle motorcycle. Stephen's persistence and strict quality guarantee the overall level of the product.

Surfniko electric surfboard has greatly lowered the threshold of surfing, making young people who love life no longer afraid of surfing this extreme water sport, making surfing a new cultural symbol, making surfing a relaxed and leisure lifestyle.To provide surfing enthusiasts around the world with the best surfing experience and the best quality surfing products.

Shenzhen Feilun Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise integrating design, R&D, production and sales. As a technology company that focuses on technological innovation, our R&D designers include many overseas PhDs, masters and other professionals.

We focus on The latest technology and market trends have been quite fruitful in the field of outdoor sporting goods. The company pays attention to product safety, social responsibility and intellectual property rights (it has obtained 87 domestic and foreign patents), and actively participates in relevant domestic and foreign exhibitions to make product sales international.

At the same time, we are also one of the first companies to start designing and producing power surfboards. We have strong technical strength and integrated manufacturing capabilities. In the past few years, we have continued to make progress, combining the most advanced technologies at home and abroad to With product quality as the core, we are committed to developing and creating more water sports products suitable for ordinary consumers to carry and experience.

We are confident in providing the highest quality surfing products and the best surfing experience to surfing enthusiasts around the world.