Catch the X-sport

Surfniko electric surfboard is a revolutionary and innovative water surfing device, which has been refined by 118 processes, 10,000 + times of power continuity testing, 900 days of water testing, 187 times of optimization, 16 major upgrades, 8 core technologies, supplemented by complete accessories and global after-sales support. cyclemate is committed to providing surfers around the world with superior quality and the best value for money electric surfboards.

  • World's Fastest Motorized Surfboard

    Surfniko produces the world's fastest electric surfboards. Rocket to 60 kilometers per hour in jsut three seconds on the Jetboard!

  • World's Longest Battery Life

    The Surfniko features the world's longest battery life for a motorized surfboard at 120 minutes. All Surfniko batteries are 100% electric and have zero ride emissions.

  • 100% Independently Developed

    A 100% independently owned research, development, and manufacturing process provides users with technologically advanced first-class products with unparalleled quality control.

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